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Technological Progress: Why the Disconnect?

Despite advancements in technology, gaining insights from data is getting harder and harder. The exponential growth of Big Data, machine-learning and AI has seen technologies become more sophisticated and specialised.

For many business people, advanced technologies are not providing answers to the questions they ask. Rather, technology is contributing to the problem.

Through our work with customers, we have identified 5 major challenges to insight discovery that technology vendors and educators are yet to address.

1. Insights are buried deep in complex data

There is a limit to the insights that business people can extract from data using current analytical tools and practices.

2. Data science software tools are not user-friendly

Advanced skills are required to build and run data science models, and to interpret and apply outputs within a business context.

3. Machine learning algorithms ignore a business user’s existing knowledge and understanding

Pure data-driven methods and outputs frequently leave business users feeling excluded and underwhelmed by the quality of insights produced.

4. Knowledge and data are often trapped in organisational silos

This limits the opportunities for collaboration and collective learning.

5. Data science skills are hard for people to learn

This limits the ability to scale data science and analytics as an organisation-wide capability.


While all of this may sound like doom and gloom, the good news is that each of these issues can be solved through good software design.

For the past 2 years, we’ve worked with clients to understand the job pains and gains of using data science, and how technology can be used to solve these disconnects. The result is a revolutionary insight discovery software platform that redefines the way business people experience and use data science.

We describe some of the features and advantages that DeepConnect offers in our related blog posts.

The time to adopt new insight discovery tools is now. Change won’t stop. A failure by companies to gain insights from data will mean greater missed opportunities. But perhaps more crucially, a continued reliance on current generation technologies will impede the ability of organisations to learn from data, for people to solve problems collectively, and for individuals to adapt and gain the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly technology-driven workplace.