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Is your company serious about becoming insight-driven?

In a world of breathtaking change, it is becoming more urgent for companies to gain insights from data. Insights are important because they change the way we think about problems, motivate human action, and bring new levels of understanding and clarity to decision making. Above all, insights are a catalyst for innovation, and provide the critical link for turning data into business value.

On the way to becoming an insight-driven organisation, business leaders face at some point a need to establish an operating model (e.g. centralised, center-of-excellence or decentralised) to support the timely production of insights by data scientists, as well as widespread adoption of insights by business people. Both organisational capabilities are required to work continuously and synchronously for companies to maximise returns from their data and analytics investments.

Beyond the choice of operating model, a successful transition relies on gaining broader employee support. However, understanding and applying change-specific factors that drive employee attitudes and behaviours at the operational level are often overlooked. A major barrier to insight adoption is that data science and analytics is not seen as a mainstream “product” that business users can easily engage with, or apply. At present, few people have a mental model of how data science works, and often a data translator is required to help formulate questions, decode model outputs, and explain the relevancy of insights to each decision context.

Another factor that impedes the adoption of data insights is the lack of easy-to-use, self-service tools that allow business users to discover data insights without the aid of a data scientist. Tools tend to be highly specialised, or highly generalised, leaving people underwhelmed by the quality of insights. As a whole, these factors make it hard for individuals to adopt data science and analytics, and severely constrain the ability of leaders to scale data science and analytics as a core organisation-wide capability.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve worked to solve these challenges by developing a solution that allows organisations to rapidly scale insight generation and adoption as a mainstream business capability.

Our DeepConnect solution is grounded in the belief that to become an Insight Driven Organization (IDO), you need to collectively engage the power of your people – where business people are not seen as merely consumers of insights – but as co-creators, where the collective knowledge and experience of your entire workforce is used as inputs to the insight discovery and value creation process.

So how does DeepConnect facilitate new learnings and opportunities through data?

With DeepConnect there are 3 levers that you can pull to immediately bolster the value derived from your data science and analytics efforts.

1. Discover deeper insights through self-service AI

Many insights lie buried deep within the complex structures of your data. DeepConnect provides an interactive, AI-powered lens for users, regardless of skill level, to dig deeper and discover relationships, behaviours and micro patterns in data above and beyond what they already know, without requiring the need for a data translator.

This lens also serves as a common visual analytics interface for models that have been generated independently with tools such as R, SAS or Python. The ability for users to explore these models visually offers several benefits. For one, black box models become transparent, explainable and open to human investigation. Visualisation also helps simplify the communication of findings and facilitates new discussions and interactions that can lead to the discovery of even greater business insights.

2. Exploit your existing data sources

Much can be learned from the data you already have, and which people are familiar with. Exploration of existing data sources allows you to drive innovation without costly data acquisition, hardware, software, or technology infrastructure. What’s more, the use of existing data also shortens the time from question to answer, allowing business users to capture immediate benefits.

DeepConnect also offers the flexibility for users to upload, blend and enrich data from multiple sources, including CSVs and geospatial shapefiles, all within a secure, SQL-compliant platform environment. New data views and models can be created by individuals or developed collaboratively to accelerate the cross-skilling and upskilling of your data teams.

3. Leverage your workforce’s collective strengths and problem-solving skills

Your workforce possesses the best operational knowledge and understanding of your business. DeepConnect enables responsibility for insight generation to be pushed to the lowest and widest possible level throughout your organisation – to align with how your organisation’s expertise and decision-making responsibilities are distributed.

Training in insight discovery can be provided efficiently on-mass without people needing to learn statistics. What’s more, organisational learnings and best practices in data science and analytics can be easily captured and shared across geographies and organisational boundaries to increase the speed and scale of insight adoption.


Each lever can be applied seamlessly and systematically using our DeepConnect platform. The model we promote is to start by delivering quick and demonstrable business wins with your existing resources, gain organisation-wide support, and then scale up.

We’ve written several posts about how the DeepConnect platform can give your company an unmatched insight discovery capability that rapidly unlocks the growth and innovation potential of your two most valuable assets – people and data.

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To find out more about our DeepConnect platform, methods and training solutions, please contact us, or check out our Leadership Academy program.