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FAQ Section

Get to know DeepConnect®.

Do I need to perform any installations?

DeepConnect® is a hosted, insight discovery platform. No installation is required. You can be up and running in minutes.

Are there any operating system requirements?


Where is my data hosted?

DeepConnect® is hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure in Sydney, Australia. We can also host in other geographic locations, globally.

Do I have a dedicated database instance?

Yes. We enforce database separation at the Application instance level.

Is the data stored encrypted?


Is the data encrypted in transit?


Which web browsers can I use with the DeepConnect platform?

The platform works with all modern browsers, but we recommend Chrome.

Does DeepConnect® work on mobile devices?

Yes. However, not all functionality is available, or suitable for mobile.

Does DeepConnect® come with sample data?

We include numerous sample datasets for training purposes, as well as worked examples to get you started.

What input data formats are supported by DeepConnect®?

CSV and ESRI Shapefiles (geospatial). Our philosophy is to “Keep It Simple”.

What is the difference between the Enterprise and Academy editions of the platform?

The Enterprise edition is deployed on a dedicated virtual private server, generally behind your own firewall. The Enterprise edition includes all role and team-based functionalities, and can be scaled for any number of users or workloads. Our AI analytics engine by default runs on multi-core CPU, but can also be deployed on GPU server instances for larger workloads. Please contact our sales department for more details.

How do I find out more details about your next intake’s location / time / availability?

We will provide regular updates on our intake schedules on our Course Details page.

Are there any prerequisites?

No. Many of our attendees come to our masterclass with little to no experience with data science. However, you are encouraged to read our blog articles to familiarise yourself with some of the unique concepts that we will cover in the program.

How do I register for the program?

Fill in the application form on our Course Details page. We will assess your application and contact you soon after.

What are my options if I cannot attend a program that I am registered for?

Because program places are strictly limited, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible if you must cancel or defer your attendance, subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Do I receive a Certificate of Completion after finishing the program?


How long do I have access to the DeepConnect® platform?

You have 3-months access to the DeepConnect® Platform Academy edition, starting from Day 1 of the master class.

What if I want to extend my subscription to the DeepConnect® platform after the program?

Contact our sales department and have a chat with us. We will find out the best option for you.

Do I need to know much about statistics or programming to do the course?

The unique feature of the DeepConnect® platform is that you do not need to know anything about statistics in order to drive our machine learning engine and discover new insights. If you’re an experienced data scientist, you can easily visualise outputs from models made with tools, such as R, Python and SAS, through our platform.

Do I need to do any preparation before the program starts?

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the program start date, you will receive detailed course outline and schedule.
We encourage you to read our blog articles prior to the program.

What is the typical Masterclass size?

We aim for a class size of 4-6 attendees.

What do I need to bring to the Masterclass?

Bring your own laptop as you will be getting hands-on experience with running ML models. Our facilities have Wifi connectivity, but you might like to also bring your own 4G wireless data device.

How is the 1-day onsite additional training and consulting arranged?

After the masterclass, we will arrange a date that mutually suits.

What will be covered during the onsite visit?

The agenda for the day will be discussed with you and agreed prior to the visit.

What will fortnightly check-ins cover?

The aim of the check-ins is to track your progress, answer questions you may have and identify any additional learning needs.

What is included in the follow-up coaching and technical support?

We will help you develop a personal action plan specific to your learning goals. Coaching and support will be tailored to your needs.

What if I need extra training and support with SQL and data science models not covered in the masterclass?

This can either be covered within your included coaching and technical support time, or you can buy additional support hours.