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Developing the jobs and skills of the future

Disruptive changes to business models are having a profound impact on industries and the employment landscape in general. How might these developments affect you?

In this new environment, the adequacy of existing skills is already becoming clear. New skills are being demanded by employers, with a very different set of skills needed by workers in just a few years from now.

According to “The Future of Jobs” Report by the World Economic Forum, “complex problem solving”, “critical thinking” and “creativity” are the top 3 skills that employers will be looking for by 2020. These skills will be at a premium in the next decade, particularly as business process automation and offshoring continue.

The good news is that the DeepConnect® insights platform is geared towards teaching these future work skills, because these 3 top skills can’t exist independently of a person’s ability to find insights in data.

The DeepConnect® platform drives insight-driven, cross-disciplinary innovation, making it understandable, teachable and real for employers and employees alike, while ensuring everyone can participate and reap the benefits of a digital future.

To learn more about how we can equip your workforce with “the skills of the future” across all levels of your organisation, please checkout our DeepConnect® platform and training academy solutions, or contact us.