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Insights for Data-Driven Marketing

By exposing micro-patterns and correlations in data, DeepConnect® gives marketers a powerful new lens for making fast and informed decisions to help your business grow.

Do you know who your customers are?

DeepConnect® does.

DeepConnect® is a powerful, insight-first data intelligence platform that uncovers hard-to-get insights in data for a deeper, more nuanced understanding of your customers.

Grow faster.

Quickly link data sources, and let machine learning and data visualisation techniques rapidly expose micro-patterns and correlations in data to create a clear view of what drives your customers’ actions and behaviours:

  • Profile your customers, and create personas describing what makes them unique.
  • Define custom segments and find look-a-like audiences aligned to your business objectives.
  • Identify and evaluate new markets for expansion.
  • Predict each customer’s next move and develop personalised and timely marketing strategies.

No more endless days or weeks searching for answers!

DeepConnect® puts insights directly into the hands of decision makers, providing actionable intelligence to drive increased sales, customer retention and profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Learn what marketing activities and factors influence customer behaviour and drive sales.
  • Easily explain findings and results to business executives.
  • Develop highly targeted marketing strategies, backed by deep customer insights.
  • Become fact-based and agile in your approach to product development.
  • Increase your negotiating power in budget debates.
  • Create a culture of innovation and excellence.

Simply Powerful.

Get the right answers. Make great decisions. Drive business results.


What makes your customers unique?

Go beyond demographics and identify the characteristics, lifestyle preferences and life-event patterns that define and differentiate your customers. Create high definition profiles, and uncover the underlying factors that influence customer satisfaction and behaviour.


Who are your best customers and how to attract more of them?

Create custom segments that clearly distinguish groups of consumers in accordance with your marketing objectives. Understand your best customers, and target look-a-like audiences in the right locations with the right content to drive lead generation & conversion.


Which markets should your business expand into?

Reveal demographic similarities and differences between each market locality, site or trade area. Analyse cost-to-serve, and identify where the best future potential lies versus current business performance.


What will your customers do next?

Predict each customer’s next move including those at risk of churning. Identify underserved and underperforming customer segments, and develop personalised and timely marketing and communication strategies optimised to the needs and profile of each customer.

Who is it For

DeepConnect® is an ideal tool for business people wanting to take the guesswork out of decision making.

In trying to keep up with the added pressures of customers and rapidly changing markets, it’s risky to rely on anecdotal evidence, disjointed data, or averaged summary metrics.

Chances are you’re spending endless hours collecting and sifting through data, looking for those all-elusive insights.

DeepConnect changes all of that, exposing rich, timely insights in a highly visual format that’s easy to interpret and act upon.

Built for Teams.

Don’t let your data limit your thinking.

A platform for communication and collaboration

  • Harness the knowledge and experience of your employees, customers and partners by involving them directly in your insight discovery and decision making processes.
  • Break down organisational silos to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient.

A platform for creative thinking and problem solving

  • Facilitate shared learning experiences, and capture a wider diversity of ideas and insights through the fusion of human and machine intelligence.
  • Motivate and energise your workforce to think outside of the box, to develop ideas, and solve problems collectively.



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