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Analytics for High Performance Delivery Teams

DeepConnect® combines AI and data visualisation to help data professionals find and extract actionable insights in data.

Can you meet the growing demand for insights?

DeepConnect® can.

DeepConnect® is a highly visual, easy-to-use data intelligence platform that greatly improves the discovery and delivery of business value in data.

See Beyond the Numbers.

Quickly link data sources, and let machine learning and data visualisation techniques rapidly expose micro-patterns and correlations in data for maximum business impact:

  • Uncover granular and overarching insights on-the-fly, all in a single view.
  • Learn which factors drive and influence business outcomes and predictions.
  • Explain findings and implications in a way business people understand.
  • Export results to BI reporting tools and customer activation platforms.
  • Identify and prioritise high impact analytics use cases.

One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

Customer Segmentation

Profile customer event patterns and purchase behaviours. Visualize similarities and differences among consumer groups. Understand relevancy and better predict the likelihood of churn, loan default, collection risk, next best offer, cross-sell, and other classification tasks.

Anomaly Detection

Identify unusual patterns that don’t conform to expected behaviour. For example: claims fraud, payment irregularities, root-cause analysis, health system inefficiencies, poor patient outcomes, cyber-intrusions, predictive maintenance and other IoT-type problems.

Time Series Analysis

Analyse transactional and instrument-generated data (including activity, temperature and all types of sensor data), and predict how behavioural pathways evolve or transition over time based on underlying micro-patterns in the data.

Geospatial Modelling

Understand geospatial distributions of market and customer segments, as well as drivers of store and sales performance. Incorporate population demographics, socio-economics, and other environmental variables into network planning and decision support models.

A Platform for Linking and Enriching Data

Integrate data from multiple sources, all within a secure, SQL database environment.

Transform, join, aggregate and filter data, including geospatial and time-series formats.

Create calculated fields and turn categorical variables into binaries using custom expressions.

Simply Powerful.

DeepConnect® makes the analysis of complex data easy, turning previous unstructured ideas or opinions into clear decision points.

Explore, interpret and apply model outputs

  • Actively guide the Machine Learning process according to your own learning needs and priorities.
  • Adopt a first-person–perspective to explore data from any angle for viewpoint you consider above and beyond what you already know.
  • Rapidly re-frame questions, and expose increasingly relevant insights to create new business value.

Visually tell good from bad analytics

  • Upload and compare outputs from predictive models made with tools such as R, SAS or python.
  • Visually explore the drivers of Type I (false positive) and Type II (false negative) prediction errors.
  • Add your own economic variables to understand the business consequences of taking different actions with each model.

Built for Teams.

Don’t let your data limit your thinking.

A platform for communication and collaboration

  • Harness the knowledge and experience of your employees, customers and partners by involving them directly in your insight discovery and decision making processes.
  • Break down organisational silos to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient.

A platform for creative thinking and problem solving

  • Facilitate shared learning experiences, and capture a wider diversity of ideas and insights through the fusion of human and machine intelligence.
  • Motivate and energise your workforce to think outside of the box, to develop ideas, and solve problems collectively.


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