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Unlock the True Power of All Your Data

DeepConnect® is an AI-powered, self-service platform for discovering hidden intelligence in data.

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With DeepConnect®, you can:

  • Explore micro-patterns and correlations in data linked across disparate sources
  • Profile and segment customers according to event patterns and purchase behaviours
  • Learn which factors drive and influence business outcomes and predictions
  • Communicate findings to executives, with consistency and speed
  • Export results to BI reporting tools and customer activation platforms

Your Co-Pilot for Insight Discovery

The potential value of data is huge, but if you can’t discover and act upon insights at speed and scale, you’re quickly lost.

DeepConnect® is a Machine Learning, Data Visualisation and Enterprise Collaboration Platform – all in one.

DeepConnect® empowers organisations to pursue insight-driven strategies, build new workforce skills, and exploit predictive insights in data to deliver superior levels of performance, profitability and growth.

Work smarter with data, and unleash the power of predictive insights with DeepConnect®.

Platform Overview

From Insights to Business Value

Struggling to deliver ROI from your data? DeepConnect® makes it easy to discover and act upon data insights, understand complex behaviours, and be more predictive with data.


Gain deeper insights into the minds of your customers. Identify the “driving factors” of customer behaviour and develop more meaningful segmentation and marketing strategies to maximise lifetime value.


Identify “causal factors” of asset health. Optimise resource decisions, and inform capital investment and preventative maintenance programs by predicting future events before they occur.


Deliver more insightful business analysis. Predict the drivers of financial risk, employee satisfaction and business performance. Improve workplace safety, control costs, and maximise business ROI.

Discover your path to value

Enrol in our Big Data and Analytics Professional Development Program and unleash the power of predictive insights across your business.

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Collective Intelligence is the Smartest Form of Organisational Learning

With DeepConnect®, you can harness machine insights as well as human and collective insights through in-platform collaboration and sharing. Stop the bottlenecks that arise with traditional data science and business intelligence tools, and unleash the creative insights of employees, partners, and customers to build new sources of business value.

Why DeepConnect®?

It’s Easy

DeepConnect® is an enterprise platform made for business users, analysts and data scientists alike. Easily visualise and explore complex patterns in data to learn not just what's happening, but why.

It’s Smart

DeepConnect® uses AI and Machine Learning to reveal hidden insights, correlations and patterns in big data. Quickly zero in on value opportunities, and predict future behaviour with ease.

It’s Fast

DeepConnect® shortens your time-to-insight using our Knowledge-to-Act ® accelerated learning framework. Your organisation becomes agile, innovative and smart.

It's Visual

DeepConnect® inspires human curiosity and creativity via “point-and-click” heat maps, charts and more. Ask better questions and gain more confidence and trust in your results.

It’s Connected

DeepConnect® lets you connect from anywhere in the world, on any digital device. Share insights and feedback seamlessly in real-time to further team understanding and knowledge.

It’s Inclusive

DeepConnect® bridges the gap between data scientists and non-data scientists, catering for people with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, disciplines and job functions.

The DeepConnect Process

Watch how it works

Upload your data

Visualise and explore

Invite your team

Collaborate and share

Discover hidden insights

Take action and create value

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The DeepConnect Process

Watch how it works

The integrity of your data is critical.

Steps we take to protect your data include:

  • User, role and team-based permissions

  • Two-factor Authentication

  • Data Encryption

  • Private Cloud

User, role and team-based permissions

DeepConnect® has a flexible, multi-level security model that lets you define and administer what actions a user can take, such as who can view and edit data. What’s more, you can easily create and modify user roles, and configure different App and team settings to best suit your organisation’s needs.

Two-factor Authentication

DeepConnect® uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to reduce the risks of weak or stolen user credentials. When signing in to DeepConnect®, you will be prompted for your username and password, plus an authentication code which refreshes every 30 seconds on your smart phone device.

Data Encryption

DeepConnect® uses a HTTPS security protocol to help protect and secure your sensitive information online. Your data is encrypted in the browser before being sent across the internet, ensuring it can’t be intercepted or hacked along the way.

Private Cloud

DeepConnect® is provisioned as a single-tenanted, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service, which means your enterprise gets its own server application, database instance and customer support, separate from everyone else. Our cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS),  operates infrastructure globally, designed and managed to industry best practice.

With DeepConnect® you can enjoy peace of mind with ongoing feature improvements and security updates.

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Data insights are important to growing your business, no matter the industry

DeepConnect® is ideal for medium to large organisations, whether you’re growing fast or already established. Take advantage of cloud AI technology to optimise the discovery of data insights at-scale.

DeepConnect® gains you an immediate business edge by unleashing the power of data insights without the need for complex integration or skills training. Lead positive change and create a culture of data literacy, innovation and excellence.

Find out how DeepConnect® can help your business.

Data insights are invaluable to your business to help guide decisions, boost profitability and find new opportunities for growth.

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Make your data work harder

Mark Wynter

Founder & CEO

Businesses need to realise the value of their data investments from day one.

Executives can now longer afford to wait 12-18 months in the hope of seeing business value from their big data investments. The pace of business is accelerating, and while organisations are embracing AI and machine learning technologies for applications such as process automation, the need for enterprise-wide tools that help employees discover hidden value in data is now more critical than ever. Unlike other AI applications, DeepConnect® allows data scientists, analysts and decision makers to easily visualise and explore never-before-seen insights at lightening speed and scale – making smarter use of your people, data and technology for immediate business impact.

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